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but when the morning comes

15☆Atelier Totori (game)
・・ 15 ★ Totori

54☆Fortune Arterial (game)
・・ 54 ★ Sendou Erika

23☆Mana Khemia (game)
・・ 14 ★ Vayne
・・ 09 ★ Jess

・・ 05 ★ dear (manga: Chiruha)

( and the sun begins to rise, I will lose you )
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Fanwork-centric Mana Khemia community

Hey guys, I've started a Mana Khemia-specific community, if anyone's interested: [community profile] mana_khemia

(I know this community is really small already and it seems like a splinter community wouldn't be necessary, but mine is really intended more for fanchat than news. Art/fic/injokes/whatever.)
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Nothing much to say here except uh...welcome to the comm? :D I'm still setting up the comm but what I'm hoping to have here when I finish is

- the links to the Gust games released in English
- a list of upcoming gust games
- other useful links

aaand probably a few media to start up the comm so please stay tuned ♥